Ryan's Translation

Lesley Evans 先生
I was born and educated in the U.K. and have a degree in European Studies.
I have studied technical translation and worked with business people of a wide range of nationalities, helping them prepare for business in the English-speaking world.
In the United States, I have taught English as a Second language and done translation and editing work for The World Bank, an internation organization.
My experience has shown me that language is often a barrier to communication but that clear and simple expression can achieve understanding and success in all walks of life.
Different situations also require different types of language. I hope that my wide-range of experience in the English language field and my native-Speaker's ear can help you use the right kind of English to make a success of your work.
Let's try with "TeleBusienss Inc."

Evans先生は、国連のWorld Bankで"English Language Editor"として、米語と英語の違いを職員に

■ 仕事で英文を扱う方。ビジネスメールや論文、その他英文ドキュメントの添削、お任せ下さい。
■ プライベートな手紙を英文で書いたもののあまり自信が持てない方。

7円 (英文 1word) 自分のレターをスマートな英文にしたい方、自作のビジネス 英文を添削してもらいたいという方に最適なコースです。
12円 (英文 1word) 自作の英文を丁寧にチェックして欲しい(日本人チェッカー プラス本英文添削)とうい方に最適なコースです。原文の日本語原稿もあわせてお送り下さい。

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